RapidFix Abutments


• Abutment for removable or screw-retained
dentures for crowns, bridges and bars
• Implant-supported RapidFix screw-retained
• 1.5° cone connection for a bacteria-tight
connection and bone and papilla preservation
• Solid secondary part: two-part construction
with index
• Connecting screw with external hexagon for
screwing in and internal thread for fi xing the
secondary part with a short screw
• Suitable for analogue and CAD (data record
integrated in K3Pro® library)
• Build-ups cannot be re-prepared
• Only blocked and not to be used for single
tooth restoration
• Secondary screw tightening torque:
Max. 10 Ncm
• Torque Recommendations: 2mm Platform: 20
Ncm | 3mm platform: 30 Ncm | Short platform:
20 Ncm